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Bossiney Farm Caravn & Camping Park

I am so surprised that nothing has been posted here about the fact that Bossiney Farm has now been bought out by the same people who bought out Ocean Cove, across the road.

My partner and I, have just returned from a week near St Agnes, Cornwall. As we have usually holiday'd at Tintagel and have friends in the village, we felt a strong pull to go visit it for the day.
When we arrived, the first place we wanted to go was to Bossiney Farm, as we had been hoping to come camping this year but what with the weather and a family member in hospital, it had been impossible.
We were surprised to see that the park was closed and saw a sign up saying that it was closed for refurbishment..or words to that effect. We also noticed a sign on the side of the house advertising for the company across the road. It didn't take us long to wonder if it had been bought out.
We went across to Ocean Cove and spoke to one of the workers on site, who said that it was under consideration but they were unsure if it had actually gone ahead.
We asked in the Tourist Information and was told yes, it had, and also our friends confirmed it for us a bit later.

I got genuinely upset about this as we'd spent countless holidays there over the past 7 or 8 years. I just couldn't believe that this has happened again. First it was Ocean Cove (another place where we'd spent lots of happy times) and now our beloved Bossiney Farm.

What the hell is happening to Tintagel and where the hell are all the tourers gonna go now? I know there is the Headland Park, but surely they cannot cope with the thousands of holidaymakers that pass through in the summer? I know there is a smaller park that is between Tintagel and Boscastle, but that is a caravan and camping associated one I think.

I am really deeply saddened by this.

Re: Bossiney Farm Caravn & Camping Park

As a former Tintagel resident just moved to Scotland I can't help but agree with your comments. I think it is very sad and am also surprised the local press haven't picked up on it. Perhaps you should write to the Cornish Guardian or the Camelford and Delabole Post.

Re: Bossiney Farm Caravn & Camping Park

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