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(FREE) Dyslexia Awareness course for parents

The Cornwall Dyslexia Association is running a free dyslexia-awareness course for parents, grandparents and carers (and any other adults interested in dyslexia), in Camelford.

The course (five Monday sessions long, 6-8pm)is practical, friendly and full of useful ways of understanding and supporting children with dyslexia.

We promote 'home-friendly' strategies and games. Parents welcome opportunities to help reading and spelling, without having to be teachers. They find out what school should be doing, and how to help schools support their child's learning needs.

If anyone is interested in finding out more, please contact me. If anyone knows of a place where parents meet in the Camelford area where I could post a publicity flier, please let me know.

Please spread the word ... only a week before the course starts!

With many thanks,