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Re: Florence nightingale richards

I have long been interested in learning as much information as possible about this amazing woman Florence nightingale Richards. The keeper of the keys to the castle. I have gleaned info from tintagel book by mr dyer, also from odd photos. But little seems to been known about the depth of her life, & also about her mother Sarah who was also a key holder in her time..I wonder if this was a legacy or just an opportunity. Did Sarah's mother do the same. Were they women on their own for some reason by misfortune or by design? So many questions. I love to hear stories about women like this because this is real & not part of the myth making that seems to focus on men rather than women in a positive way. I am not being sexist but rather an observer of reality. I would appreciate what anybody else has to offer about these incredible women. I was so pleased to see that a couple of likeminded ladies also recognised this & created a lasting memento plaque in memory of Florence. Well done ladies!