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Request for info


I have a special request for help.

A little history for you---

A few years ago my family visited the Winchester area and my sister purchased a huge print of a map. The map was of England on a pale green background with Arthurian legend locales marked and noted. The size was easily 3.5 feet X 4.5 feet, maybe a bit larger.

My sister lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, and her home was flooded during the Katrina hurricane disaster. Thankfully, she had evacuated with her son and what possessions that fit into her small automobile. Obviously, the huge, framed print would not fit into the car. The first treasure that I grieved over was this momento from our travels.

I am beginning to search websites that may have such a map. If you or anyone your office(s) can think of a shop that handles such things, please send me ( the contact information to help me replace this treasure for my sister. Its replacement would make her new house feel so much more like her own home.

Thank you very much,

Chele Whitehead
Starkville, MS, USA

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