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Doidge Family History

I wonder whether anyone can help me find information on my family tree. My Great Grandfather was William Chilcot Doidge born Tintagel 1872 and his Father was William Doidge born about 1835 in Lanteglos. I was wondering if anyone local has any further information on the Doidge's of Tintagel or do you know if any Doidge's still live in the village.
Would appreciate any help available.
Many Thanks

Re: Doidge Family History

You might like to look at the school photos on this site with names and also on the war dead listing which may help you.
Also this was on the 1891 Tintagel Census:
88,Trewarmett,1,William H Brown,Head,M,32,,Farmer,Employer,Tintagel Cornwall,,
,,,Flinda G Brown,Wife,M,,28,,,Tintagel Cornwall,,
,,,William J Brown,Son,S,2,,,,Tintagel Cornwall,,
,,,Sarah Brown,Sister,S,,52,,,Tintagel Cornwall,,
,,,William Doidge,Servnt,S,19,,Farm Servant (Domestic),Employed,Tintagel Cornwall,,
,,,Henry Tinney,Servnt,S,15,,Farm Servant (Domestic),Employed,Tintagel Cornwall,,

And Egloshayle war memorial: Doidge Samuel Langford ~ Bodmin (Tintagel) 240713 L/Cpl Died of Wounds France & Flanders 15.8.1917

There is a builder called Doidge up at Delabole: Builders Name: Doidge N I
Telephone: 01840 212548
Address: Niwen/Treligga Downs Rd, Delabole, PL33 9DL he might be able to assist your quest.

Info on Chilcott family at:

Policemen in Camelford:
PC16 Doidge Nicholas 23 7 1866 105 Camelford
PC125 Doidge Thomas 10 10 1864 103 Camelford

Hope this helps you a bit.

Best wishes,

Re: Doidge Family History

Hi David,
My great grandfather was Langford Chilcot Doidge born 1869, your great grandfathers brother. My grand father was Charles Chilcot Doidge born 1906. I too have got stuck after their father William born 1835 and his wife Mary A Doidge born also in 1835. Mary is a descendent of Christopher Chilcot born 1665 and ex vicar of Tintagel.Unfortunately since my own fathers death in 1999 have lost touch with some of the other relatives. If you find out any more I'd be very interested. Good luck Laura

Re: Doidge Family History

Hello Laura, My great great grandfather was Langford chilcott doidge mums name gladys doidge born tintagel.Mums dad was francis doidge whose two brothers died in the first world war aged 17 and 19 samuel and william. Grandads dad was Langford Doidge and I think Langford Chilcott Doidge was either his father or grandfather. More likely to be my grandads grandad.

Re: Doidge Family History

Hi Laura have just managed to gain accecss to the records I have. My great grandad was Langford Chilcott Doidge who died in 1936 from Liver disease (we think). He was married to Martha Ann Pearce died 1939.

Langford's father was William Doidge (apparently the tallest man in the parish). He married Mary Anne Chilcott. This is where the tree branches off down the female line. Mary Anne Chilcott's father was Charles Chilcott whose father was Langford Chilcott. His father was Charles Chilcott born 1742 died 1815. His father was William Chilcott born 1700 died 1745 married Rebecca williams His father was Christopher Chilcott Born 1664 died 1725 he was the vicar of tintagel from 1692. He married Hannah Langford. His father was Robert Chilcott born 1630 in Beaminster Dorset.

Hope this helps thats how far i got Sue

Re: Doidge Family History

Hi David, My Mothers maiden name was Doidge and she lived in tintagel until 1950. My grandad was francis doidge who died in 1964 in his early 60's from slate dust on the lungs and is buried in the little methodist church yard up on the cliff in tintagel. My grandad had several brothers and sisters two of who i know died in WW1 aged 17 and 19. Their names were Samuel and William. My great grandad was Langford Chilcott Doidge who died 1n 1936 from what we think was liver disease. My great great grandad was william doidge who was married to mary ann chilcott. I still have an uncle living in delabole. hope this helps sue