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Re: Re: Re: Ocean Cove help pleeease

Haulfryn have put the site out of the reach of the ordinary folk who have enjoyed and respected the beauty of this place over the years.
The yuppies will take it over, and spoil Bossiney and Tintagel in the same way that they have ruined Padstow and Rock.
I know there are other sites, but the views from Ocean Cove are breathtaking, and lift the spirit every time you visit, no matter what the weather!
My family and I have visited regularly,several times a year, in all weathers since the early 50's,when the site first opened, and made many friends locally, and used to regularly meet up on the last week of the season (end of September then) for a party in the tow-bar with Pat and Alan, and crew.
Lots of lovely memories, but sadly, the end of an era

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ocean Cove help pleeease

I completely agree with you about the beauty from that spot and it is so sad that it has come to this. We have made lots of friends in the village too, and consider Tintagel to be a very special place, in fact it is like no other. The feeling there is just so relaxing and we feel completely at home there. I would hate for it to become over commercialised. It shouldt've no place for yuppies/townies and I hope it stays free of chavdom too. We're hoping to camp in Bossiney Cove this summer, as we couldn't make it last year but will always feel the loss of Ocean Cove.