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Re: Re: Boscastle Update

Perhaps - but I'd suggest if there was a soul, much of it went with the last great wave of emmigration in the early seventies. It's been incomer territory ever since.

Which is fine, I should point out: things change, and it should be so. It's hard for old lags like myself who miss what was, but it's very good for all that come after, since they can make the place their own and hopefully make it come alive again.

Still a shame about the Welly, mind.

Re: Re: Re: Boscastle Update

hehe.Comments about Welly made me smile .Nice to see that other people feel the same.I had one pint for old times sake but wont be coming back to the Welly again.I still miss Victor sitting at the bar anyway.
By the way i dont think the spirit has been washed away.
The wonderful people I met are still the same and have ,for me, made boscastle even more special when i last had the privilege to visit

Re: Re: Re: Re: Boscastle Update

Well, thank you for your kind words.

I know under Victor's rule the place was pretty quiet, but that was fine - turning it into a characterless stripped-pine showroom wasn't the way to go.
But, as I wrote before things change, even here. We just have to be brave about it, have a good moan in the local manner and get on with it. As with all the costal villages that don't have a water-based industry to keep people there (fishing, to be obvious, or the like) there's really very very little to stay for if you have any ambition above selling plaster piskies to tourists. So the young tend to move away, and the old to retire there and this poulation churn has always meant that the 'feeling' of the village is sort of handed on, rather than continued.
So what you describe is something in the architecture and the location, and reflected in the people, rather than in the poeple. Or so it seems to me.

Is it bad taste to witter on about one's own village instead of Tintagel here? Apologies if it is ...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Boscastle Update

dear 48 Crash,
thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.
I can see what you mean about the problems people face.A lady I know owns a cafein north cornwall and has four kids, two of wich have now left cornwall in order to find work.I find that heartbraking.Anyway,you were right:its a tintagel site...
Am glad I found this site.Hope everyone had a lovely xmas

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Boscastle Update

You're welcome - and a happy New Year to you too!

I was much the same; I couldn't wait to move east, to find out if the streets of London were paved with gold (OK, I was a bit optimistic there). Now I earn money in the east but live - about 60% of the time - back west, which is an interesting balancing act but it stops me going up the wall. But not everyone can do that; I got lucky. Your friends children will move out to find work, and to grow, but wouldn't you want your kids to be ambitious anyway?
Anyway, all the best.