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Too Young To Ref

I need some advice,i run a junior fooyball team u12s and we have worked hard to play at the highest level. We play in Div 1 of our junior football alliance,and on sunday we played away to a team near us,the referee turned up and he was only 14,i thought to my self hes a new ref and he cant have much experianced and how right i was. The kid give over 50 decisions against us in the 6o mins the game ran and we never got one,from stuff like our defender went to clear a ball and missed kicked it so he give a back pass.a ball bounced up off the ground hit out 4ft played on shoulder he give a free kick there keeper slipped over with no one around him give a free kick i could go on and on,it got that bad that i had a kid crying and left the field of play because no matter what we done we were penalised,now this was a one sided affair and dare say the ref has connections within the club but we cant prove it. What i am saying is there a law were kids at 14 who are refing a top of div 1 clash who is only 2 years older aloud to do this. I have nothing wrong with young refs but they need to gain experiance in the game by starting at small sided football and then working there way up.Is there a rule were you have to get so many pitch time refeering or can you just jump in at the deap end?

Re: Too Young To Ref

Refereeing is managed through a tiered system which is a pyramid structure. Trainee Referees undertaking the Basic Training Course will be registered as Level 9. The Level 9 Trainee Referees will have to attend In-Service Training on subjects incorporating; application of Law, recognition of offences, body language and communication, management of people and situations, fitness awareness, warm-up / cool-down techniques, programmes to meet individual needs and encouraging training togetherness / bonding.
On initially passing the exam, a Referee becomes a ' Level 7 Junior Referee' or if under the age of 16, a 'Level 8 Youth Referee’. This allows young referees to be appointed to the local leagues within a County (or a neighbouring County. It also allows referees to be appointed as an Assistant Referee on the next higher league
A Level 9 Referee will automatically become a Level 7 Referee on successful completion of the Basic Referees Course (Tier 2) and having attained the age of 16.
So yes young referees get allocated games and they gain their experience through these games. So there is nothing wrong with a young level 8 referee officiating at an U12 local league game.
Clearly it would be helpful to have more senior referees allocated to all games. that is not possible so referee assignors have to manage experience with availability and to cover all games as best they can.

Re: Too Young To Ref

Thanks for that,i just think this kid only got his badge in September and then 4 weeks later he is referring a top of the table Div 1 clash,which showed he was not experienced to do. There need to change the law and start these newly qualified refs at lower Divisions so they can gain experience and then move up the ladder. Otherwise there will end up not been a ref because they make far too many wrong decisions and will get marked low all the time. Experiences and knowing the game is a must at top level football,something this kid didn't have.

Re: Too Young To Ref

Though it is a possible (maybe not probable) explanation is the other team is playing within the law while your team is not. But one thing that puzzles me is are there assistant referees in the game and did their signals agree with the referee?

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