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Head Injury?

Whilst reffing a mens saturday game the attacking side player shot from outside the box, the ball deflected off a defender and hit another defender in the face, he went down. The ball fell to another attacker who slid the ball across the 6 yard box and another attacker scored.

I allowed the goal to stand but the defending team were incensed that play should have been stopped for a head injury for the player who got the ball in the face. At the time of the incident the injured player was clearly conscious and the goal was scored within 2-3 seconds of the ball in the face.

Was I right to allow the goal?

Re: Head Injury?

Hi Steve
The conceding team are clutching at straws here and it is just one of those 'gripes' that a team can come up with when a goal is conceded.
In these situations the referee probably is not even aware of what has happened as it happens so fast the play is over before a decision to stop play can or needs to be made. Indeed with a goal scored immediate treatment can be called to enter the field of play quicker IMO.
Your decision was 100% correct.