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Penalty shootouts

My team was in the final of a school soccer competition. During the penalty shootouts to determine the winner, the opposing team goalkeeper just exchanged places with one of his outfield players on the field without the knowledge of the referee. When the referee's attention was brought to it he said it was ok and nothing was wrong. Is this true as it brought a lot of confusion.

Re: Penalty shootouts

Hi George
During play the referee must be informed of a change of goalkeeper. Failure to do so results in a caution for both players.
However permission is always granted by the referee so had the referee been asked he would have agreed to the change.
Surprisingly many believe that the goalkeepers cannot be changed at KFTPM. This is incorrect and the team decides who is the nominated goalkeeper and the referee is informed. The team could change goalkeeper for every single kick if it so wished.
The referee may have decided that that change of goalkeeper after the final whistle was okay and as a result tacit approval was given. However it does have a bearing particularly if the players are already on a caution and a 2nd caution would result in a dismissal