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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Where will all this end ?

Hi again -

Okay, I have to heap praise on someone which with your first outburst (the De la Rey story) seemed like a totally different person.

Yes, I visit the local 'township' - I have customers there. I do support local initiatives which aim to uplift local communities. In fact, in my business I actually loose money (at times) because of this.

Unfortunately you've added to my burden here - we as a nation cannot afford to loose people like yourself and I have to urge you to be careful. Nelspruit might be "safe" for yourselves but there's no cure to outside influences and infiltrators.

As far as crying over taxes is concerned - I cry because of the terrible waste. I cry because of misspent fortunes. I cry because there are so many people living in misery and below the breadline. I cry with many other South Africans.

Can't see the wrong in that?