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Re: Re: Re: Call to arms through Music?

Indeed, i might have been harsh in my initial utterings. But the denial of your racially directed hate (or anger if it rolls easier to your mind) throughout all aspects of the site cannot be denied. You have slammed the black populous around every corner possible, not directly, but in your indirect support to others that have.

"Laai jy die sannie en ek skiet hom in die hol", i believe were the words of one stout supporter on your site. Should i speculate that you felt good when you read that statement?
I'd rather not...

I did not intend to imply that your Weekly View calls out the song as a warcry, but in your mind, you feel it too. You feel that temptation to load up your vocalized version of "sannie" and join your friends in bashing along further on the trials and tribulations, and how it's all "those munts'" fault...

I live in a flat, upstairs and across from a total of 6 "Afrikaners" who share your point of views. And let me tell you now, if a black vs. white war were ever to break out... Heaven behold any person with a darker skin from these people.

Off the matter of you, and lets pretend you really do not feel any warcry in that song. Can you deny with a absolute clear conscience that the warcry is not heard? No, you cannot and did not, as you stated in your weekly view. But can you really narrow it down to right-wingers alone that will view it this way?
With clear conscience, i cannot. You would have to go forth and label every single white person in Nelspruit a right-winger in that regard.

The warcry exists.
The warcry is heard.

And it is heard by 6 people in my DIRECT audible range as a warcry. It fuels them around the braai, and stoked them the other night to whip out the ghitar, and wholly bleat as a group "MY NISSAN BAKKIE". I hope to God you do not know that song, and especially not that you listened to it and smiled as you did so.
Every evening these people mingle, drink around the braai, and prepare themselves for more racist fun. (I will not further elaborate on the 3 separate sexually promiscuous orgy's they have had down there after a bit too much).

Right-winger farmers who cannot let go of the past?
No, sadly not.
Not ONE person is that group is old enough to even sign their own leases.

You know what i know. Time to admit that you hear what i hear.
Not in the song.
But in those that also hear it.

And as a side note to "You call me a racist"...
If we were to result to vengefull acts, such as to say "why can they they kill the boer-the famma, but we cannot..."
Actions of such venge should not utter from any white person, ever.

You, the white people, are STILL guilty for the oppression caused by your fathers and forefathers.

From the Bible folks:
"...tot in die sewende nageslagte van jou vader..."

Think about it.
We deserve to pay the price, for our sins are not yet repented. Have you gone on your knees yet today and asked the Lord to forgive the oppression of your fathers? Have you asked Him yet today to grant you the strength to shine a guiding light on your path, so your repentance can follow?

Not all of us has...
We are all guilty, and that includes me. My child is guilty, even though he cannot yet even speak properly. His children will carry that same guilt, and his children's children after them.

Go ahead. Enjoy your warcry. Sing your undertoned songs. Beg for leadership from a fallen hero instead of you God. Hate your brother for his skin colour.

Go ahead white people, my brethren.
Go ahead and send your kids further down ****ation.

For those precious few that truly make their best in every day to right thr wrongs, stay strong people. Do not let go that ray of light you once saw. It has not gone from you. You have simply closed your eyes for the fear of what they might or might not see. The light you once saw, is still there and will always be.

Show that light to such heathens praying to their gods, like Bok to his hero, De la Rey.

En onthou net bietjie mooi wat jou pa jou geleer het...
"Die deler is so goed soos die steler"

Re: Re: Re: Re: Call to arms through Music?

It is rather sad that you've decided to classify ALL whites as racists. Seems you're the only one in this country that's desperately trying to clear your conscience of whatever is haunting you.
Surely you don't expect every white man and his kids (to the seventh generation as the Good Book says) to drop all and everything in order to make up for the wrongdoings of the past.
Believe me when I say that there were plenty of us not happy with the way things were then. So we did not join the ANC - how can any fight include the killing of innocents - nor participate in demonstrations, that does not mean that we agreed with what the then government decided.
Stop generalising like your white racist neighbours do. I cannot take responsibility for other white people, I cannot tell them how to interpret music.
As an upstanding fighter for the previously disadvantaged, why don't you take matters further - there are laws in place to protect yourself from racists (black or white) - come on, get rid of the scum!
Yes, I've heard the bakkie song, and I'm not impressed. I've also seen a lot of so-called jokes because of a false perception from friends of who I am, but you don't see those published?

All aspects of my website you say? Obviously quite conveniently you skipped the parts where I praised ANC / government leaders for doing the right thing. But that was to be expected.
Seems you're obviously also oblivious to the fact that (or choose to conveniently forget / ignore) the Good Book talk about praying for those who wronged not only you but others and to not be judgmental of others.

But of course, it's much easier and it ease the mind if a full on attack approach is used. You must feel that you're "doing the right thing" here?

Humor is exactly that - whatever you see on the jokes pages are intended as jokes. Fun is being poked at every-one & everything. If it offends you don't read it. That's what our constitution is about - free choice.

I might own a small business but I'm not making lots of money, yet I find it in my heart to make generous donations to those in need. To ease my mind? Sure, if it helps. Any contribution is better than nothing.

Is every white person in Nelspruit a racist? I won't know. Maybe from where you are you can the judgment call.

I'm not prepared to go on with this personal onslaught and I'm closing this matter - if you feel the need to carry on venting your anger, be my guest.

Lastly, don't come with your righteous attitude and classify people that you don't know from a bar of soap. Read your Bible and ask for forgiveness as most of us do on a daily basis.

My Nissan Bakkie?

Sorry, I'm from OZ and havn't heard that song. I do like the De La Rey song though, even though I can't speak Afrikans. I have a lot of family on one side in SA, and the future of my cousins is pretty crap compared to us.

The discrimination there against white people is terrible. I remember when I went to PE as a child, it reminded me alot of Perth. Last time I went there a few years ago, I couldn't help but notice it was like a city that had frozen in time at 1990 and had nothing spent on infrastructure since.

Maybe you don't notice these things when you live there day in day out, but it seemed insane that people had stolen the safety rails from bridges and high-ways.

So keep up your site, your comments arn't odd or crazy, your just slowly being surrounded by an asylum which makes the stupid look normal!


PS. Im curious, whats the Nissan Bakkie song?

Re: My Nissan Bakkie?

The "bakkie" song is an extremely sick racist song recorded somewhere by someone at somebody else's home (I'm sure). Probably in some drunken stupor - they probably thought it was funny at the time.
The song makes fun of a case we had where a farmer dragged one of his workers with his truck around the farm.