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Welcome to the GPSA Political Web Forum. Floor is open to any / all discussions regarding the socio-political situation in the post-apartheid South Africa. Note that your posting will appear immediately.

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Re: Re: Do we want a gun-free society?

We as white South Africans are being erradicated by the thousands every year.........Murder, Rape etc. Bring the death penalty back, the reason it was abolished is because they knew it would diminish the black population a lot faster. It breaks my heart knowing that South Africa is about 4-8 years being Zimbabwe south.....

Re: Re: Re: Do we want a gun-free society?

It is true.., a silent genocide with the world sitting by watching. The blacks are eradicating the whites but amongst them (as with any culture, race, religion) you still get those who are as concerned as the whites are. Unfortunately they're not in government.
The death penalty would've seen lots of top comrades bite the dust.
Good thing that they're also getting robbed and shot at with an ever escalating crime rate.