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S.A. Politics

We don't get much South African news in the States; so, I asked my S.A. friend (this publisher's sister) this question and she referred me to her brother's message board here.

Is there really any difference between Mbeki (the ousted one) and Motlanthe (the temporary replacement) and who do you think will win in April...Zuma? No matter who wins, is the Justice system in South Africa really on the brink of collapse?

Thank You!

Re: S.A. Politics

Hi Robert,
The "brother" thing has been sorted.

My opinion is that Mbeki did not care much about his people. The impression I got was that his interest in conflict resolution and mediation on the African continent was his first priority. He used to come & visit us every now and again.
Motlanthe is preferred by most political figures here and we already saw him doing the "jive" to retain some key figures (as in Trevor Manuel). I was going to do an article on the whole situation but my travelling got in the way for the past 2 weeks and thus I have not done my weekly updates.
Nevertheless, Zuma will probably win the election next year. Most ANC supporters though already talk about not voting next year. This won't stop the ANC of retaining their position though.
The justice system is in a bit of a mess. Drunk judges, judges trying to influence the Zuma case and another critisizing government without solid facts. In all though I reckon that the system still works for us. As long as you're not a high profile political figure getting involved.
We do however see certain ANC figures getting preferrential treatment and laughable paroles granted. Other organisations such as the Human Rights Commission though has become weak and does not bother hiding it's allegiance with Zuma.