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Weekly view - ANC fallinG apart

On-the-head comments there! ANC is falling apart, and taken from this morning's papers, the core ANC is getting worried - deploying the likes of Duarte, Nzimande, Mthethwa as well as Ramaphosa and Sexwale to the branches to stop the decay. I just wonder how many of these "menders" will actually also join the breakaways?

I tend to disagree with the take that the ANC will win the election; I suspect (maybe hope rather than suspect) that the election could go one of many ways, but the core ANC support is fast falling apart. The determining factor will be whether other parties' supporters will go and vote. If they do, and they do so in droves, then yes, there is hope! Even if they vote for the party they least dislike. Remember the Bok supporter jersey that says "I support the Boks and any other country that beats the Aussies"? Likewise here.

Hope against hope. And yes, it can happen. Who would have thought a mere 20 months ago that the ANC would be teetering on the brink of self-destruction?

And let us not suffer the delusion that the ANC is trying to score brownie points with the bok issue - they are still advocating legislation that supersedes the willing seller willing buyer issue. This is still on the cards...

The time of reckoning is approaching - HURRAY!!!!

Re: Weekly view - ANC fallinG apart

Frank - thanks for your valuable input. You hit the nail on the head with both posts.

The ANC is entering Mbeki time. And they don't like it. The so-called unification of the organisation seems to be failing, no matter what Zuma says or the NEC does. The ANC conference December 2007 had everyone taking notice and with such close scrutiny more people and members starting noticing what's been happening under their noses for so long.
The part you mentioned about ruling at all costs scares a lot of people. We know how Africa deals with their problems and the ANC are masters at this.
Vavi has been screaming and shouting about the new party just like the ANC was. He obviously didn't learn a thing. Despite the first non-chalant attitude towards COPE, the ANC lost a lot of active members. Hopefully this happening will also have an impact on the power COSATU has.

Interesting times and difficult to comment on as it seems that every single day something new pops up unexpectantly.

Can't wait for the ANC to get another slap in the face. The first being their ignorant attitude towards registering (or rather failure to register) for the Cape by-elections.

The political parties have a bit of time still to get ready for next year. Let's hope they put it to good use and sway the ignorant. Allan Boesak though joining COPE was a bitter pill for me to swallow. Who'll be next? McBride?