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Dooms Day


Is jy nie bang nie? I mean, really, this is deepest - darkest... What chances do any of us have? We are at the mercy of frustrated ex- ANC.... We as die wit man have little say of the outcome. We can hope and pray that they see the light, but surely it will take another 100 years. USA, 44th president, we are still young and struggling. Is there hope for our children? Do I prepare them to seek life abroad? I love this (my) country, I will not willing leave, but- ek is bang!

Re: Dooms Day

Yes, it's a scary South Africa at this stage. Let's not get our knickers in a twist so easy though.
We can't blame anyone for worrying about their kids, especially when you're white.
Believe me, lots of black correspondents plan on leaving or have already left, so they feel the anxiety as well.
We live in dangerous and uncertain times. Personally I would try and get my kids out of here but both of them have decided to make their future in S.A. After all, they're big enough to make their own decisions.

The world recession does not make things easier either. If and when the resources are there (and you're not living in the Western Cape), get out. That's my personal opinion.

Anyone else want to remark on this?