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Concerned about crime in SA?See how you can help.Read this!

I am an expatriate living in USA, and one of the *1,200 people per month that left SA 4 years ago. *Found it on some SA website about crime and statistics.
Every day, when browsing the SA newspapers on the web, I am overwhelmed with disgust and anger about the ever worsening crime situation and brutal loss of innocent lives. I am missing my country, and would like to return with my family, but how can I? One statement on a South African crime statistical web site – ‘more vehicles stolen in SA than in the USA/UK combined’ is perhaps an understatement. Watching local news here, and reading papers in 4 years, if I heard of 2 stolen cars, or 1 carjacking, it’s a lot. In my neighborhood, and it’s really the rule in USA, no fencing, no burglar doors, no vicious dogs…
Scores of cars parked in the streets, many not even locked. Kids playing outside till late, completely safe to be outdoors, I can continue…
So what’s my point?

A while ago, after many hours of thought, I have formulated the ultimate anti-crime prevention program ever. I am not joking, there is nothing like this project, it is designed for the people of South Africa, by a South African, and I’ll be ****ed if this project cannot be implement as quickly as possible to save our country from the terrible statistics mentioned on your home page. And I guarantee results, decrease in crime activities as quickly as the 1st year after implementation. It is nothing like the everyday ordinary ideas of fighting crime like increase of policing, secured communities, increased home security, electronic gadgets, or anything else you can think of. This is unique, never before thought of.

What I cannot understand, and you'll find this on all South African crime statistics web sites; the murders, the rape, child abuse, robberies, then look at the negative impact all these things have on our country – the economy, tourism, productivity, emigration, etc. Even worse, crime and its effects costs the government R40 billion in ’97, this is frightening. Can this be true?
You know, I compiled an introductory document describing my idea in part (I would not disclose the principle of the idea until a non-disclosure agreement is signed), pleading with them to give me a chance to evaluate this proposal. Here’s a list of some of the people or organizations I tried to contact:

SAPS head office – no reply

Government dept. of Safety & Security, head office – no reply

DA (opposition) Safety & Security parliament representative – no reply

NNP (political party) Safety & Security local and parliament representative – no reply

Crime columnist, Beeld newspaper – no reply

Editor of the Beeld newspaper – received a reply: ‘No wonder no-one wants to contact you, Mr. Zeelie, there’s too many like you with ideas…’

CSIR crime prevention center – received a reply: ‘Hi Patrick,
Thanks for your email. We are not in a position to do anything with your idea.
Good luck.’

BAC of South Africa (Business against Crime) – received a reply: ‘BAC is a Section 21 Company and does not conventionally 'buy' ideas for the restoration of good government. Are you looking to make money out of your idea?’

Now, isn’t this just enough to make one sick to ones guts! Look at the crime statistics again, even the remote thought of something (a plan or program to EFFECTIVELY reduce crime in SA) that might work, I mean, think of the innocent lives that could be saved, improvement of the economy, improvement of the lives of all people of South Africa, billions of R savings for government, and I can go on and on…
Even if one can proof that one can reduce crime annually by 10%, THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES…
But still, this is the way my people are treating me – it’s sickening!

Here is what I want. Please be so kind to find or refer us to an organization, black empowerment group or whoever, who has the muscle (and guts) to evaluate the ultimate anti-crime proposal, who can sponsor this, and who can sell this to government.
I have prepared a comprehensive and professional proposal document, describing my anti-crime project in detail.
My brother, a psychologist, who is living in South Africa, is extremely excited about this project, and is more than willing to work together with this organization to find a solution to take this proposal right to the top.

I will forward you his details as soon as it is requested.

My family and I, together with thousand others (I hope), want to return to our country, where we have a right to live peacefully with all our fellow South Africans. Even though SA is a third world, there are plenty of 3rd world countries with crime rates much lower than ours. There is no reason why our country, that’s supposed to be of the better 3rd world countries in Africa, has the worst crime & violence rate in the world. That should not be, look at Botswana as an example.
This plan can get the crime rate down to one of the lowest in Africa, that's a promise.

Re: Concerned about crime in SA?See how you can help.Read this!

Patrick -

We're all obviously concerned about the crime statistics in South Africa, yet few of us are prepared to go out of our way to get involved. Getting involved requires not only commitment but bravery as well. And lots of money will help. Then there are influential friends - whom (you should know this) displays the same level of commitment you have.

Unfortunately very few individuals are prepared to commit themselves to what we accept as being longterm (very longterm) at the possible cost of ones' own life and wellbeing - not to mention your family. Especially if you're a white South African.

In a way I can understand government's attitude toward any type of "scheme" that they can't take full credit for (especially if it's a sure thing as I understand from your writing). Business / Corporates in terms of the Anglo's and Pick 'n Pay's should consider every venue though, if they really cared. Which according to you, they don't. But that I could've told you. They're here to make money, not play 'Social Services' - government's screwing that up by themselves.

Now as a "concerned" ex-South African, use the resources you already have, canvass some more people - people in 'places' as well as the ground-zero citizens. Reveal what your plans are, how you need to implement it and the resources required. Canvass government and companies for sponsorship! The bottom line is, play open cards, make sure you can guarantee at least 30% success with your plan, and I don't see a problem. You're the man with the plan, now implement it and make it work!

Bets of luck

Re: Concerned about crime in SA?See how you can help.Read this!

No carjacking or burglar bars in the US? Hmmm...Surely that depends on where you live! I take it that you don't live in downtown LA or in one the USA's many gated communities (some of which are suspiciously similar to those in SA!)