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Re: Re: Re: Where will all this end ?

Ja Deon, wat kan ek sÍ! They had a thing on SABC 3 the other night, a gathering of the most prominent Jews in South Africa. If I remember correctly they estimate 600 000 Jewish business people in the country. Mbeki appealed to them not to leave the country!
My MA used to say, when the Jews pack up and leave, it's time to reach for the life jackets!
I was born with a positive attitude, so I'll always have hope for this place. The people of this country must just stop their petty, spiteful and revenge attitudes and get on with fixing what's broken (which is almost everything!).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Where will all this end ?

I'm not sure the violence and hatred will end in our lifetime. We should be peacemakers and caregiviers to this great World we live in and yet we plunder, kill, defame,and slaughter the innocents all in the name of some mistaken self interst. None can be right if all are wrong and/or dead.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Where will all this end ?

Good enough for me. I agree fully except, who can "afford" to be the peacemaker - most of those have lost their lives. Our society has become sick and corrupt with (unfortunately) government setting the example. It is great to see however that they're slowly but surely starting to get things right.
The whole apartheid thing is still too fresh for most to just forgive & forget. Maybe after the coming generation we might see real change in attitudes. Unfortunately I won't be around to see.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Where will all this end ?

I only discovered these pages today, and i have already made 2 or 3 posts...

And this will be my first for not calling you a racist.
But since when did it cost anything to smile at someone. When did it start costing something to talk to someone?

Nee boet, it costs boggerol.
I am prouder of my black friends than i am of anything the whites have ever achieved. Yes, one of them is dumb as a bag of bricks... do i hate him for it? No! It is MY fault as much as it is my forefathers, for denying him an education. It is my DUTY to take this man, and show him how to better his life.

I am in education, and i see these kids from all backgrounds and colours alike. None more appreciative than the poorest, rudest, most uneducated black children.

You walk in townships with fear? Shame! I don't. I drive these kids to and from college every day. I take the time to go sit with their parents around the same table to eat and drink every day. There is by now, not ONE person in any of the directly surrounding townships of Nelspruit that does not know my name and purpose. They respect me more than their own mothers.
They dont hate you whiteboy!
They are affraid of you!
And righfully so!
Push any person into a fearful corner, and what do you think they'll do?

They are responding in the only way they know how to respond. You cannot blame them for the eish, angaati! YOU AND YOUR "RACE" CAUSED IT!
Yes, that includes me.
But you know what, at least my 2 year-old boy walks the township's streats with not a spec of reason for me to fear for his safety. Can you claim the same?

If your answer is no... better start checking why.

Who can afford it you asked?
I can. I'm even getting paid by the so-called "corrupt" govenrment themselves for what I am doing. Sure, im no billionaire...

But in life, i have already achieved what God has put me here to do, making me the richest man in South Africa, EVER!

Your tax money that you slob and cry and moan about all day, is partly in MY pocket... and from that money, even i pay tax... HAPPILY!

There are many people willing to make a difference, and make a living from it as well.

Stop complaining. Start acting.
And no, acts of hate and berefted commenting is NOT the way to go.
Looking from afar is NOT the solution.
Waiting for aids to "kill them all"... that is downright satanic at the core.

May God one day find it to have mercy on the souls of the South African white man.
May judgement come, even I to pay for the sins of my father, as He said I would.

And I will pay, happily, whatever price He demands.

You want to take pride in the white heritage?
Then check again! They were CHRISTIANS!
Misguided maybe, but we can fix what they fooled up.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Where will all this end ?

Hi again -

Okay, I have to heap praise on someone which with your first outburst (the De la Rey story) seemed like a totally different person.

Yes, I visit the local 'township' - I have customers there. I do support local initiatives which aim to uplift local communities. In fact, in my business I actually loose money (at times) because of this.

Unfortunately you've added to my burden here - we as a nation cannot afford to loose people like yourself and I have to urge you to be careful. Nelspruit might be "safe" for yourselves but there's no cure to outside influences and infiltrators.

As far as crying over taxes is concerned - I cry because of the terrible waste. I cry because of misspent fortunes. I cry because there are so many people living in misery and below the breadline. I cry with many other South Africans.

Can't see the wrong in that?