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Re: Concerned about crime in SA?See how you can help.Read this!

Patrick -

We're all obviously concerned about the crime statistics in South Africa, yet few of us are prepared to go out of our way to get involved. Getting involved requires not only commitment but bravery as well. And lots of money will help. Then there are influential friends - whom (you should know this) displays the same level of commitment you have.

Unfortunately very few individuals are prepared to commit themselves to what we accept as being longterm (very longterm) at the possible cost of ones' own life and wellbeing - not to mention your family. Especially if you're a white South African.

In a way I can understand government's attitude toward any type of "scheme" that they can't take full credit for (especially if it's a sure thing as I understand from your writing). Business / Corporates in terms of the Anglo's and Pick 'n Pay's should consider every venue though, if they really cared. Which according to you, they don't. But that I could've told you. They're here to make money, not play 'Social Services' - government's screwing that up by themselves.

Now as a "concerned" ex-South African, use the resources you already have, canvass some more people - people in 'places' as well as the ground-zero citizens. Reveal what your plans are, how you need to implement it and the resources required. Canvass government and companies for sponsorship! The bottom line is, play open cards, make sure you can guarantee at least 30% success with your plan, and I don't see a problem. You're the man with the plan, now implement it and make it work!

Bets of luck

Re: Concerned about crime in SA?See how you can help.Read this!

No carjacking or burglar bars in the US? Hmmm...Surely that depends on where you live! I take it that you don't live in downtown LA or in one the USA's many gated communities (some of which are suspiciously similar to those in SA!)