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Hello All

Hello Gerrie and Mrs.Gerrie's Boss.

Just a short note to say hello. News from SA have been scarce as every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally are working all out suddenly. It is almost as if the SA workforce had a turbo boost. As far as South African news on the Telly Box .... Nada , Niks, Nuffink .. all we see and hear is Georgie Bush and Ghadaffi. Zim news is quiet as is SA. So here we are Gerrie ... maak plan Boet en skryf die Nuus for us. Many Thanks

Re: Hello All

not true. 30% unemployment is reported by the newspapers. the truth of the internet silence is the extortionist rate charged for internet access. where in the world do they pay more? Antartica maybe?

Re: Re: Hello All

Dunno where this comment has fallen out from, but it's true, those with jobs are holding on to them for dear life. Affirmative action is no joke.

As far as Internet access is concerned, it can be had for R45.00 a month (or in my case R600.00 a year) up to M-Web's ridiculous rate of R135.00 p.m.

If Telkom would just catch a wake-up (or rather the controlling body) it'll make things easier. There's still no light at the end of the tunnel re. the second network operator as ICASA is stalling flat-out!

Re: Hello All

Hi there Deon -
Ja boet - ons werk om ons "job" te hou! Ongelukkig bietjie ongleuk gehad met my "backups" en harde skyf!
En dan gaan ons nog so biethie vakansie hou!

I won't be updating for a while though seeing that the ANC has decided to have the elections two days after Easter Sunday. The Monday is Family Day, Tuesday is a work day (all factories are closed) and Wednesday is election day! So, there's not much as far as motivation is concerned.

Bloody big mouth! You haven't been round for a while, have you?

In the meantime, I'll update the jokes though! What's life without humor?

PS - Mrs. Gerrie's Boss is still in the UK with no plans of returning soon.