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Eisshhhh !!!

Gerrie....hello long time no smell. I hope you and absent Mrs. are fine.I have just read your weekly view(Lui bliksem, it was offline for 2 days)... It seem to me that the SA Gov is on a MAJOR "Fill the koffers" mission.Being in the UK I could every 3 months bring Rands over to afford some beers , suddenly I get a letters from Standard Bank Forex , SARS and National Reserve Bank. They wanted to know ALLES, even a breakdown of my monthly income and spendature in the UK.Ek vra jou met trane in my oe and snot in my neus , what does my foreighn income and expenditure have to do with SARS and Nat. Reserve bank. Apparently after speaking to MANY a "Sawubona and eeeyeeaaah , angasi and eishhh I dunno meester",to extreme elaboration with as much useful content as in a bucket with no bottom I spoke to Mevrou Erasmus(SARS)-( There is a God)whom reliably informed me that the goverment is attemting to curb money leaving SA legally and ilegally.To make matters worse I tried to put some of MY money into my daughters bank account for tax purposes, cherrie oppie koek , they want proof( original birth certificate hers and mine ) to prove she is my daughter before I can transfer funds from a SA acount to another at the same bank. If you are found guilty of "Laundering " money a new law in SA can attach even your foreighn holdings and property. Boetman dit maak my kwaai.....Gravy train se foet hier kom die Supertrain you mentioned in the weekly view.

Re: Eisshhhh !!!

Enough to make you wanna spit - ain't it? Same story with my wife (been back for about 2 months now - leaving Fri - 11 Jun).
She's on an EC Passport and still the taxman wants to know ef-ve-rry-ting! SA and UK has an agreement as far as "double tax" is concerned. Now she has to go sort out everything on the other side - eish!