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Re: Re: When will racism stop getting the blame?

Sadly in this case (as in most "racially motivated" attacks).... there is no "strong being blessed by the Forefathers!". It is straight to jail - end of story!

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Re: Racism

When will the Wester world realise that the world Racism is so last year and face the facts.Africa is on the way out due to the simple fact that the African culture is a "wild" culture and the Hierachy is based on the law of the "Jungle"Strong eats weak and strong will get stronger.Look back through history and rediscover Dingaan and Shaka.The Savages will kill their own brother for gain and not blink an eyelid , where does the so called PEOPLE count for anything???Example:Two Africans (Nigs)have a argument,one gets killed and there is a winner, argument settled and the victor is blessed by the "Forefathers for being strong "I rest my case ...........

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In a Pretoria school a white schoolkid slaps a black kid (typical schoolboy 'tiff'). The black kid grabs a pair of scissors and stabs the white kid. The education department calls this a racist attack (aimed at the white kid). Can't 'they' just accept that the black culture uses weapons (most of the time) to settle disputes and stop instigating? Racism is dead, though government and a minority of black South Africans won't stop hammering on it. Lay it to rest!!

Re: Re: Re: When will racism stop getting the blame?

Well at least the Constitutional Court has ruled that the 'Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer' is hate speach and should not be permitted. Now it's not only the PAC's slogan, but also the ANC's.
It's a two-edged sword. The clever will survive!