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Re: I'll stay here, sadly!

What a wonderful opportunity for you. Think what a retirement home you can buy one day with all those Pounds!! Property at the coast is still going for a song (depending on where you buy). Stick it out. Better safe than dead!

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What an interesting little article there by Buthelezi. I have been over in the UK for nearly three years now, and was most pleased to receive my Ancestral Visa last year October after completing my two year work holiday visa. I had no intention of applying for my Ancestral and was set to move back to SA once my WH visa was complete. But after MILLIONS (and I mean millions) of emails to agencies on the internet in SA, job searches and much more - I became literally hacked off with the amount of jobs that were listed as Affirmative Action.

I now have that little piece of paper that will allow me to stay here in the UK for four more years and then obtain residency. I am now in a country that wants me, and where the jobs are in ample supply. I am also fortunate enough to make a trip home for a month to SA each year with heaps of pounds in my pocket.

Sadly, Africa will always be my home, and I hope to return one day, might only be when I retire at this rate and also if our country doesn't pull up it's socks!

Re: I'll stay here, sadly!

Would my family and I return to S.A??Not in this lifetime.Reasons...well there are thousands , but here are a few:Education in the UK is outstanding, the cost of living is a lot cheaper, jobs are easy to find and plentiful,the pound is very strong and allows us to go abroad on holiday TWICE a year and most of all,almost all my "Maatjies" from SA are now here in the UK.South Africa is still home , but seeing what the people in power are doing to my beloved country is heart rendering.We go back to SA once a year and after 3 weeks we can not wait to get "home" to the UK were we feel safe and wanted.Until SA can offer us that peace of mind and contention I guess we stay where we are , bad weather and all.

Re: Re: I'll stay here, sadly!

I'm in the UK next year round-about September. Definitely need to meet up with you guys. I'm starting to save now already - be prepared!