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Re: I'll stay here, sadly!

Would my family and I return to S.A??Not in this lifetime.Reasons...well there are thousands , but here are a few:Education in the UK is outstanding, the cost of living is a lot cheaper, jobs are easy to find and plentiful,the pound is very strong and allows us to go abroad on holiday TWICE a year and most of all,almost all my "Maatjies" from SA are now here in the UK.South Africa is still home , but seeing what the people in power are doing to my beloved country is heart rendering.We go back to SA once a year and after 3 weeks we can not wait to get "home" to the UK were we feel safe and wanted.Until SA can offer us that peace of mind and contention I guess we stay where we are , bad weather and all.

Re: Re: I'll stay here, sadly!

I'm in the UK next year round-about September. Definitely need to meet up with you guys. I'm starting to save now already - be prepared!