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Re: Affirmative action

This is one of the more frustrating issues. It is true that your skin colour now counts more than you qualifications. CA's will always find jobs here. You just have to try and try again though with the hope that there are no black applicants for the same position.

Must say that there are still smaller companies who don't bother too much with what the government dictates.

Now if you were a plumber - different story!

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Replying to:

I lived in SA for about five years. I have some family in SA.

It looks to me that although the idea behind affirmative action might be pointed in the right direction it is inherently flawed by giving jobs to the person who may not be the best candidate.

Is it hard to get a job if you have good skills now? I am a Chartered Accountant in the UK and did similar work while I was in SA.