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Re: Car Prices

Deon - the car manufacturers are in a bit of a spot currently. They cannot drop the prices as then previous cars sold will de-valuate, and hence they'll loose customers. BMW & Merc has 'dropped' their base-model prices but at the same time they added a whole lot of features which pushed the price up again! Can't win, can we? They claim their yearly increases will be a lot less - but they depend heavily on export contracts to keep imported model prices down. With the exchange rate as it is the exporters are loosing out a bit.

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Hello Gerrie, I am astounded by the car prices in SA.Since we have been in the UK(3yrs) my wife and I have each had 2 brand new cars.The price for a car say eg.Ford Corsa 1.4i is 4665, even with the exchange rate that is still cheap.How can the car manufacturers justify such inflation ?