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Re: Re: Leaving SA

Goodness Robin ! And over here we're complaining about 45% on personal taxes? Okay, our fuel is taxed, our alcohol and tobacco is (heavily) taxed, so is our food and pension funds and savings accounts and bonds and.. - you get my drift?

True what you're saying - sometimes things change for the worst & then you get caught up in the whirlpool and before you know it you cannot afford to get out!

Whatever made you decide to go there?

Good luck anyway. And if you cannot handle it anymore, we're still here at the Southern tip of Africa!

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Been away for 14 years - living in Scandinavia - no matter where you are things get to you. How about paying 68% income tax, very little difference in wages between a doctor and a cleaner, 185% duty on cars, 25% VAT, endless debates about immigration laws and the 'threat' from new immigrants, where one's social standing depends upon the furniture you have in your house ...

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Ater 3years of living in the UK I am not sorry for taking the plunge and emmigrating.I was homesick for many months , BUT the cure was a return visit home.I dare anyone to say that the quality of life and the peace of mind is not a 200% improvement to SA. I admit the grass is always greener on the other side but then there are a hell of a lot less "weeds" on this side of the fence. I am still proud to be a South African,a happy,safe,employed,appreciated South African living in England admidst 10 000's of my fellow countrymen.Last but not least, the main reason why we left South Africa is the voilent crime , I have a young daughter and by the crace of God would like to live to a ripe old age and see my grandchildren,chances of that happening in SA 35% if that.

Re: Leaving SA

Thanks Deon -

It is a sad part of the historic SA (more so than 2day) and even current South Africa. Crime has and will always be the biggest factor in young people leaving here. Difference between when you left and now is that if you're prepared to pay a bribe or do favours you might just get somewhere (or get away with it - whichever side of the fence you're on).