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Re: Re: Why people leave SA

Even though I believe I made the right choice coming to Canada, I am still a South African and proud to be one. I miss the long summers, the highveld storms and - well, just the amazing feeling that is Africa. So yes, I do visit whenever I can. And very soon there will be an added incentive - my first child is expected in September. We want the child to get to know the countries of both of his or her parents, so there will be family trips to Ireland and to South Africa.

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Aah.., Canada. What can you say? Probably second only to Australia as far as ex-pat S.A.'s are concerned. They had a program on SABC3 some time ago interviewing South Africans in Canada - all doctors. All in remote little communities. All doing what they love. All living happy lifes. Of course the ones we don't hear about are the ones who returned!

Very right on affirmative action you are. It is worse now!

Crime? No, we can't say more.

And your average house price now in an average area will cost you the average price of an average family saloon.

Yeah, we still don't have any money left over after paying the bond, the rates & taxes, the overdraft, the credit cards and water & lights.

With an ever shrinking budget we'll have to start looking at putting our pets down in order to (sort-of) maintain a reasonable lifestyle. But we're managing (with the pets and ever growing overdrafts and more credit cards).

They say the hardest thing is leaving your family & friends behind, and I can well believe that. But you guys should be earning good enough money to come visit every now & again?

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I have been in Toronto, Canada for almost three years now. A lot of thought went into my decision, but here are my main reasons for leaving:

1. So much affirmative action was going on in my industry at the time that it felt as if I would never advance beyond where I was. Being a white female, I was at a slight advantage to white males, but it still wasn't enough for me to move my career along.

2. Crime. Need I say more?

3. Economics. When you pay about the same each month for your car that you do for a place to live, you know something is not quite right. I was earning a reasonable salary in South Africa, but after taxes, car payments and mortgage payments I hardly had money for anything else.

Of course, there are things wrong with Toronto as well, and I miss the friends and family I left behind, but I am glad I made the decision I did.