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Re: Dankie Gerrie

Haai Boet!! You've got my blerrie e-mail adress man - why did you not b*tch before?

That 'newsfeed' thingy & my stupidity with webdesigning gave me too many headaches + some of the things aren't even related to SA! Do you at least 'smaak' the "Print this Page" option?

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Replying to:

AAAaaahhhh Grandpa, Gerrie my friend I am so glad that you have changed the format of your site as the little collum and scroll down was doing my head and "Old tired eyes " in. Thank you for taking the time and effort to moan like Grandma with "Stywe skoene".To close I heard a new but very true saying today which I think applies to SA 100%:" If you are flat broke and find a penny on the street you have a kings ransom", translated I think it means that once you hit rock bottom there are only better things to come, lets hope and pray that the NEW REGIME smacks the Pave-Munt very soon before they get to Base-Munt.

Beste wense