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Re: Do we want a gun-free society?

I wish it was that simple. If only law abiding citizens would be allowed to defend their family from getting shot, raped etc etc. But unfortunantly, guns are being taken away from the whites. They want to make the Afrikaners defenceless. So now the enemy can just come in to our homews rape our daughters and we have to just sit and watch, should we retaliate, the police will take the DEFENDER to JAIL.
We (Afrikaaners) are silently being wiped of the ace of the earth. OUR land is taken away, our people being slaughtered!!!!!!! This is a SILENT WAR and we cant even defend our children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless the Boere Nation

Re: Re: Do we want a gun-free society?

Hi guys.

First time here so dont gun me down...

I do think THEY ( Top government ) noticed through their mistakes that they cant just throw us aside and forget about us. Although they replace us in the public sector they still realise that the private, white owned sector is what makes the country tick. That they wond be able to run as easilly.

What concerns the guns. I dont know, how many times do we get the chance to defend ourselves with it. When it comes to war, I am sure there will be someone surplying us. There are too many gun graveyards hidden around SA just waiting for the right moment to be opened.

I have watched The patriot from Mel Gibson last night and was ashamed of SA's boere people. We have seen and heard enough, yet we still sit and wait for the leader with the white beard. ( Refering to some profits >

I dont know, May be you all can help me here??

Re: Re: Re: Do we want a gun-free society?

Saw a bumper sticker on a young white males car which spells it out nicely -
Politicians have bodyguards. We don't. Buy a gun!

If it were only that simple. Legislation has made it near impossible to renew a current firearm license, never mind applying for a new one. I have to agree that our ANC government is slowly but surely disarming the ligite firearm owner with little regard to all the illegal guns.
The few roadblocks concentrate more on traffic offenses than drugs and guns. A few nights ago they showed on TV news the close on 6500 firearms that was destroyed. How many of those were illegal guns? When the new law came into effect many legal gun owners handed in their guns because they didn't see their way out in getting a license for it.
So what if a black man has a licensed gun? Don't they have the same right to protection the white man claims as a right?
Unfortunately I have to agree with Jan as well, this whole exercise is aimed at disarming the majority gun owners, which at this stage is still the white man.

Re: Re: Re: Do we want a gun-free society?

Listen here gawie, what the hell is your **** problem !!!!!???????

Why have you had enough of the Boere???????
Thanks to the Boere, millions an still eat ( unlike eg. central africa where they are styarving eg. zim)
the only thing keeping the SA economy together is the BOERe !!!!!!!!!!

I dont know, but maybe i misunderstood you ?????

Re: Re: Do we want a gun-free society?

We as white South Africans are being erradicated by the thousands every year.........Murder, Rape etc. Bring the death penalty back, the reason it was abolished is because they knew it would diminish the black population a lot faster. It breaks my heart knowing that South Africa is about 4-8 years being Zimbabwe south.....

Re: Re: Re: Do we want a gun-free society?

It is true.., a silent genocide with the world sitting by watching. The blacks are eradicating the whites but amongst them (as with any culture, race, religion) you still get those who are as concerned as the whites are. Unfortunately they're not in government.
The death penalty would've seen lots of top comrades bite the dust.
Good thing that they're also getting robbed and shot at with an ever escalating crime rate.