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I am trying to find out what squadron my father was in in WWII. I have silk maps and blood chips(with number 57594 on it). He flew an A-26 and amongst his war things I found a book called Bombs, B-rew, Boredom a diary of Lt. Thomas Lorbeer. This man was in many of the same places as my father--Tachikawa, Leyte, Okinawa and the number on his blood chip# is 57505 which is quite close to my father's. I am not sure how this works so would love any info anyone can provide me with. His name was James(Pete) Riehl and he was from Fredonia, NY and his plane was Gentle Julia. Hope to hear from someone please! Thank you--

Re: Help - by Ted Baker - Feb 21, 2007 4:32pm
Re: Re: Help - by Liz Riehl Ritz - Feb 27, 2007 1:12pm
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