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Who has more info about B-26 " Josephine II"?

Since my posting on 18 DEC 2006 I have found out that the B-26 overflying Toulon (South of France) on a bombing mission is A/C 41-31592 "Josephine II" belonging to the 438th Sqn of the 319th BG. I also learned that the ship was salvaged on 06 JAN 1945. The mission to bomb the heavy Navy guns (that were located in the now well identified area) must have been between 16 and 20 AUG 1944. Who can tell me more about "Josephine II", her history, the missions flown over Toulon, her crew on these occasions? Are mission reports and stike photos available? Why was she salvaged and after how many missions? Many thanks in advance for any time taken to help me with my study of WW2 in Toulon (today the home port of the French Navy carrier Charles de Gaulle).