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mission of 319th on Tortona Italy 12.14.1944

Good morning to all, veterans and friends of the 319th. I live in Italy, Tortona, north of genova and south of Milan. I'm attending a study on a bomber strike in my town occurred in 14 december 1944. I have a recon photo of the raid and there's indicated that the 319th did that. But I don't know which squadron. From people standig there at that time there where two wavees of bombers coming from south heading north a long the river Scrivia, 12 or 18 bombers circa. I work for the Town Municipality as History and Cultural Officer, so I would like to contact some men that stayed in that mission. We would like to organize a photo show and pubblish a book. I will really appreciate any afford to my search. Thanks to all. Corrado D'Andrea