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Info Request-Dominico Schimizzi-319th

My father asked me to try and find information about a father-in-law for his friend. I've had success finding information about my grandfather that my family didn't know online so I guess thats why.

The father-in-laws name was Dominico Schimizzi, he also went by Don and Dominick. I don't have much information about the plane he flew in or anything along those lines. I do know he was European based out of Corsica. He flew a B-26 Maurader, was a tailgunner on his plane and flew mostly in Italy but flew other European missions.

His plane crash landed. From what information I have two planes in the squadron were fired upon by Germans and collided into one another. Hopefully that might narrow down a plane name for someone.

ANY information about what plane he might have been with, or anyone who he served with would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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