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How To Interpret Dreams Using A Dream Dictionary
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Interpreting Your Dreams Using A Dream Dictionary

The forum is open. The purpose of this forum is for posting questions on any aspect of interpreting dreams using the dream dictionary, including the instructions I have created to help in that endeavor, and questions you may have in interpreting your dream {do not post a dream for interpretation-my other forum is for that purpose}. My contributions, as they have always been, are free with the ultimate goal is for as many people as possible to understand the importance as well as the power of dreams.

This is an experimental project where I want to determine if it is plausible for the general public to interpret their own dreams using the dream dictionaries {but not just any dream dictionary}. I am of the mind it is possible having used the dictionaries almost exclusively over the past year in analyzing dreams {primarily at my Dream Forum which has been on line since 2005}. And if true then those who of us who have a great interest in the study dreams can confidently use dreams to better understanding the dynamics of the unconscious. As can anyone who will take the time to get a good understanding of dreams and then use the dictionaries to interpret their dreams. An intuitive mind helps {intuitiveness is a natural instinct that can be developed and enhanced} but having practical resources to guide you makes it possible for most anyone to properly interpret dreams.

The fact is, in many if not most of the academic circles it is still thought that dreams are not yet confidently understood and thus can not be properly interpreted. What I am espousing could remove some of the doubts and the barriers that accompany them. But more important, if correct, with the use of dream dictionaries and proper instructions most anyone would be able to decode their own dreams. They will not need a trained therapist or dream analyst, they can do it themselves. This is because the dictionaries the provide logical and practical possibilities that an analyst would be providing. The language is understood and the dream can be decoded. Advice may be needed to the underlying psychological issues but an interpreted dream highlights the negative energies that need to be released and resolved which in itself is positive therapy.

Why interpret your dreams? By matching the interpreted dream to the waking life a person can discover great therapeutic benefits which could enhance their life psychologically and in reality of the personal life. Anxieties, issues with relationships, self doubts, all are addressed in our dreams at night. Dreams are direct link to the unconscious and by tapping into the underlying layers of the energies that motivate attitudes and actions, we are able to deal with these issues in order to work through them, and resolve them. But first you have to know what the energies are {underlying motivating energies} and that is what dreams do. And when equipped with this inner information, working to resolve what it is that prevents a person from being truly happy and contented in life can be determined. Dreams are nature's device to help heal and protect the psyche, just as is the immune system to the body. A simple concept when you think about it.

I am hoping for a lot of participation in my research. But from experience I know it takes more than just wishing and hoping and I will be promoting these pages and this concept of interpreting dreams as rigorously as I can. The ultimate goal is to create an app that could do the work for us. The master brain of computer app loaded with all the data, stats and facts found in the dictionaries and with Jungian concepts that would be able to decode the dream based on the personal information supplied by the dreamer.

Jerry Gifford
The Power of Dreams

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Re: Interpreting Your Dreams Using A Dream Dictionary

My mother has seen aeroplane on which army soldiers were sitting and one Punjabi fauji and instantly an army soldier fallen from the plane to the earth. My mother was somewhere different place where she saw neem tree and after some time time some women with in a very bad condition distorted and dirty clothes and encircled my mom and then my mom took sugarcane wood and make them go out of the house. Please interpret this dream

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