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Very shook from this dream

Last night had a lucid dream of myself laying in my bed. Except for everything was in the wrong spot e.g. the ceiling fan was where the TV was and the rug was on the ceiling. There was weird foreign music barely making it through the static on the radio. There were large shadowy figures appearing and disappearing on the wall and one of them appeared to have antlers and was smiling. There was no color and it was black and white. Then I found myself outside, still black and white, and I was bouncing very slowly as if there was zero gravity. There were people around but none of them acknowledged me. Also there was ash or snow floating in the air outside. What does this mean? I woke up and had to write it down because tbh I was a little shook.

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Re: Very shook from this dream

I will move your post over to the Dream Forum and provide an analysis on that forum. I dont get many posts on this forum and I didn't receive an e-mail notification of your post until yesterday. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.


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