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Hello, this is my first time writing about a dream and I thank you in advance for your response.

I have never been able to se my self in my dreams not in even in a mirror, but lately I did I saw myself in a mirror and I was fixing my hair that by the way was a different cut from what I have in reality. Last night I saw myself. I was talking to this girl in my dreams, that I don't know who she was, I was pointing at myself, that was talking to a bunch of people, and telling this girl "look that's me talking to those people". There were two of me in my dream, then I saw myself, the one talking to other people, just walk away. I would like anybody to explain to me what it means.

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Re: Self-Image

You may not realize it but you see yourself all the time in your dreams. But not always as the person you recognize but in symbols and metaphor. Ever see a house or a car in a dream? That is you, or an aspect of you are. All your dreams are about you.

The girl you were talking to most likely is a conversation with yourself. The mirror image is your true self. Your ego perception of yourself is just that, a perception. Others in your waking life often see you differently. Not knowing the girl in the dream probably means there are aspects {very often emotional} about yourself you are unaware of.

Hair is often symbolic of mental attitudes. Are there changes that you are contemplating, or needs contemplating? There may be conflicting/opposing opportunities/possiblites in your life, or two different ways at looking at things {two of you}. Look at your waking life and determine what situations that exist that fits my words. Since the dream doesn't point to anything specific {other than yourself} it may take some digging to understand where the dream fits. And it does fit somewhere, all your dreams are about you and your life.


Look at your waking life an determine

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