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Dreams are a succession of images, actions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind primarily during the REM stage of sleep. Dreams are unbiased, spontaneous products of the unconscious, outside the control of conscious will. The act of dreaming is physical but the contents of dreams is psychological. They are NATURAL expressions of the dreamer's emotional/personal life illustrating experiences that possess strong emotional energies. Although there are literal applications in dreams the primarily language is symbolic, metaphorical of the dreamer's emotional energies.
  • 1. Dreams are about the emotions, emotional energies of the person who is dreaming. They offer advice and a deeper understanding of our waking life as well as the foundations for the emotional energies of the dreamer.

  • 2. The language of dreams is symbolic, but also with literal applications {literal waking experinces}. The symbolic images and actions are metaphors for the patterns or motifs for the dreamer's emotional/psychological/physical life. Every character in a dream is a different aspect of an unacknowledged aspect of the dreamer and/or a prevalent situation in the person's life involving actual persons/experiences {dreams will address both aspects}.

  • 3. The purpose and function of dreams is to guide the conscious self to achieve wholeness and offer a solution to the problems in waking life. Solutions to problems and conflicts from everyday life, as well as the deeper underlying issues, 'emotional injuries' that stem from the foundations of the dreamer {early life experiences and trama experiences in life}.
    ---Dreams reveal vital information that expose the authentic emotions and feelings that are often concealed from the conscious mind.
    ---Dreams compensate for conscious attitudes and personality traits that are out of balance.

  • 4. Dreams are intentional. Nature provides us with dreams to understand and help heal emotional conflicts/issues. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect, the psych{ology} has the dream.

  • 5. Dreams possess 'Archteypal' representations. Archetypes are universal, original patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. An archetype is an inherited tendency of the human mind to form representations of mythological motifs-representations of the symbolic images/actions without losing their basic emotional pattern. Dreams and mythology share the same archetypal images, myths as illustrations of the universal patterns and dreams as illustrations of personal patterns.

  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation metaphorical of the emotional energies and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section

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    foalting or drowning or flying

    well,as you guys have surely seen the way im used to talk,now i`d like to talk abt the most important dream of my life......the first time i saw it,i wasnt asleep, or awake.......maybe sth between......i was in a bus,going to my home that suddenly the whole scene appeard infront of my eyes,and i saw that really affected me that day that even after 4 hours when i got home,i was still shaking because of tht.......after tht day,then i used to see it EVERYDAY and night for almost 2 years infront of my eyes!!....thts weird i know,but lemme tell u my dream.

    i saw myself, on a kind of cliff or mountain......i was standing on the edgeside of tht,....the whole scene was painted in grey.......below my legs,it was foggy and it was grey,and as i was looking to the sky,it was all in grey 2......the whole scene was in grey....but the ground was still brown........suddenly i threw myself wasnt a kind of falling,actually it was a kind of hands were stretched on both sides,and my legs were apart from each this sign=> *
    i was wearing some kind of large size cloths......maybe it was a kind of traditional cloths of china,or somewhere like cloths were in pink.......light felt so soft and mild.........
    i had long brown hair and i felt the air,floating through was moving like waves.......
    i wasnt scared of tht falling,as it was happening gradually,like some kind of floating or landing.......and I WAS ENJOYING GOING DOWN!!! releasing myself......i felt like,"ooooh...i`ve become tired of moving on,its time to let it go...release myself...."

    i was fainting,but suddently bunch of lights,from above came to me.....there was a right hand through them.....and it was like offering me a hand/help ...........i didnt pay attention to tht hand,like you are not powerful enough to help i need THE ONE to come down himself and help me leave me alone..........then suddenly i got lost through the a kind of ION cannon.....u know.........and i went up,through the lights,as i was closing my eyes,and smiling..........

    i myself feel like this is not a kind of dream that we usually see when we sleep,as i saw it when i was awake.....
    i`ve asked many people abt this dream....but no one answered relavently...............

    and now im expressing it here,maybe somebody knows exactly wht it means.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 19/iran

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

    Re: foalting or drowning or flying

    Beware of ledges. Neither a waking dream or a dream in sleep should be taken as an authority to go beyond what is available in reality. Your story reminds me of Jung's protectorate dream of one of his patients who also saw himself on a ledge. He too saw himself flying from that ledge. And when he did ventured onto a real ledge while ascending a mountain during a vacation, he fell from that mountain. This is one of the few times Jung spoke of dreams that predict future events. Yours is so eerily recount-ant of Jung's story.

    It is hard to envision fully your life in Iran and your inner life that cries out for wholeness. If you could provide detailed information about your spiritual beliefs, what influences those beliefs and how you practice them in a society that we Westerners have so little knowledge of, perhaps we will be able to better advice you. I see some knowledge of Buddhism in your posted words. Do you practice some form of the Muslim faith? Is your self realization a part of your spiritual journey, or is it also a psychological realization {something I don't normally differentiate-for me they are one and the same}? I know you have tried to express yourself in your posts but there is a loss of understanding in the translation of languages and culture. If you could clarify your personal life within your society then we may be able to move past those obstacles in understanding your situation.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Yes

    Re: foalting or drowning or flying

    i myself dont diffrentiate between self realization and psycological realization,as they both refer to spirit and inside.
    well i should tell you right now that i am completely diffrent from the whole society i live in....and i really mean different,as i`ve never seen a guy like me,not even a little similar to me and my situation ......i donno wht has caused me to be so different from poeple,from this special,so unique…….
    by the word diffrent i mean according to my beliefs and their beliefs...according to my likes/dislikes,and their likes and dislikes.....according to the way i respond and react in different situations,than the way they completely DIFFERENT....thts why you cannot refer to the society in order to get information about me or my personality………of course I have never studied other religions professionally but I know just some basics of religions……….i got some beliefs of many religions......and at the same time,i might be considered without religion…I donno wht has happend to me…...
    of course up to now i had millions of problems, arguments,misunderstandings with people around me.......thts probably why i feel like sometimes i cant defend my beliefs against them......i cant swim in the opposite way of the 19,but im SO tired........mentally tired.......this might be considered normal in western countries,like US but it is NOT a normal thing here in countries like iran........i say im depressed,the meaning of depression or dejection in iran doesnt convey the very same meaning in english......the definitions are different........about my beliefs,i donno if im still considered a muslim.........i was born a muslim,but at the age of 14 and then 15...there appeard alot questions for me i coudlnt help thinking about ....some truth of my life,my being here,the reason of my creation.....i dont wanna enter this subject,but after all they brought me up to this dream .......i think it was the last big thing which happend to me......i might be considered half muslim,half spiritual traveler,or wont believe me if i tell you i havent even read 10 books about journey to wholeness,or spiritual or psychological or philosophical books,whereas there are a lot here , I couldn’t(and still cant) sit down and read the books…I prefer to experience everything myself.......thts probably why i might look like i dont know the basic things and how to discuss about them with other people………but I do feel I know a lot and i`ve experiences a lot……......of course as I talked to some real guys who knew and felt my concerns,they helped reminding me of the facts I already forgot,…..anyway,I think the dream is completely clear and doesn’t need to be expressed in any other ways………….you`d tell me what you felt the first time you read my post….the sense and feeling it gave you at first,is what can help me…..thank you so much

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 19/iran

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

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