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Dream of my eldest grandchild

I dreamt that myself and my grandaughter who is 8 were walking, talking and joking down a very long corridoor,like a hotel corridorr, rather shabby. I turned as I heard a noise and in the split second my grandaughter disappeared, I looked in various rooms, which were just bathrooms with showers, not atucal hotel rooms, first slowly then frantically as I could not find her. I was getting extremely worried and chasing down the corridoor when 2 men came out of one room adjusting their clothes, but with a look on their faces that I knew they had hurt my grandaughter. I went into the room where they had come out of and my grandaugher was lying on her back on the shower floor, she had her clothes on but on the look on her face I knew she had been hurt, she looked at me and I hugged her but all the time in my mind I was thinking the police will need to examine her. It has made me feel devistated.

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Re: Dream of my eldest grandchild

My take on your dream is it is combining the natural fears we have with the safety of your granddaughter, and the possibility of some past childhood experience that remains with you to this day. I don't see where there is drastic damage from that past experience but it may have been one that left an impression on you, unconsciously {corridors or halls are often symbols of connecting the waking mind, or dreaming mind, to unconscious contents}. It may have involve an experience where you were hurt psychologically but not necessarily physically {although there is that possibility of actual physical trauma}. The shape of the cooridor {shabby} does suggest there were negative emotions connected this connection to yourself. And the disappearance of your granddaughter {she would symbolize you as a child} also suggests that some part of you has disappeared from its natural state. Whatever the experience was it is still 'cahsing' you which suggests it needs to be acknowledged.

The reason I believe the dream is addressing psychological damage more so than physical damage is two statements in your dream. One is the 'look on their faces' which for me suggests the persona, your persona was hurt from this incident. The other was the scene in the shower, 'she had her clothes on'. This could indicate there was not any physical harm {as in a more direct statement of being harmed, she was naked}. Of course there are many possibilities to both statements and there could have been physical harm as well as emotional. I see the emotional but the physical is not as clear.

I take it you are close to your granddaughter and do worry about her safety. This would be a stimulus for such a dream. But I also see the possibilities of your granddaughter representing yourself as a child. Often such inclusions of children do symbolize the dreamer as a child and very often the child is either the dreamer's child {grandchild} or some other child. Dreams speak in metaphors and the metaphors always apply to the dreamer. All we need to do is to figure which aspects of the dreamer's life best fits the metaphors. Of course that is not always an easy task.

If you will provide your thoughts to my interpretation perhaps we can narrow the possibilities to the dream message. If something in my words fit your life you should be able to identify with those words. Also take a look back at your childhood, especially around the age of 8, and see if there was something there that may have be forgotten that would fit within this dream. As I stated earlier it may have been a relatively benign incident but it could have been something more serious.


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