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Jung: The Aryan Christ?

Hey there all,

I read a shocking book at the University library and didn't have a chance to comment about it until now. Several months ago I came across a book by Richard Noll. He is a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology at Harvard and a permanent Resident Fellow at M.I.T. in Boston. The book is entitled:

The Aryan Christ , the Secret Life of Carl Gustav Jung, 1997. He also wrote, the Jung Cult.

He said that young had two female patients as lovers and collaborators, while he was married to Emma. If this is true, it is a violation of the patient-client trust and confidence.

He wrote that Jung was initiated in the Mysteries of Mithras, and that Jung thought himself and Aryan Christ for a New Age. "For a short time he believed in the possibilities of Nazism and favored it.", spoken by one of his colleagues.

He wrote that the Rockefeller family helped him, and that in Decemember 1913 in a secret epiphany Jung declared himself the Aryan Christ at a 1916 meeting.

He also had a polygamous relationship with Emma and Toni Wolff.

Constance Ellen Long, a patient of his was under his manipulation, and that Jungs ideas were based on 19th century Occultism, neo-paganism and social Darwinism and these were the same factors that supported and influenced the National Socialist Party of Hitler. He said also in his book that Jung was influenced by the Volkish movent in Germany glorifying a pre-Christian Arayan past.

Needless to say, as a follower of Jung since college and as someone searching for inner meaning, I was depressed after I read this book. I felt everything I believed in and valued was in the end a huge lie.

Does anyone know anything about this? Noll has a significant bibliography and included people who knew Jung and a lot of facts.

Please help! As I always reference Jung in understanding my dreams this was really a blow to me, wondering if I was following the wrong path all this time. (I read the book four or five months ago and have been wondering since...)

Thanks all,

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Re: Jung: The Aryan Christ?

Just a brief comment this morning on Richard Noll's book. Don't believe everything you read. Noll's assertions about Jung's Nazis connections have long been discredited. Noll is afraid of Jung's spiritual influence which is what taints his book. If you can't kill the messenger then attack the message. I had the opportunity to listen to Noll being interviewed {radio program} about his book and assertions and from hearing what he had to say there is no doubt he has a personal dislike of Jung.

Jung wasn't perfect, no one is. BVut like all great men/women, one needs to look beyond the person and to the message. As for Jung's relationship with his patients, not to believed. There is no concrete evidence of such a thing. Jung's message is the important thing and your 'faith' in his works should not be discouraged by a man who has an agenda {Noll}.


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Re: Re: Jung: The Aryan Christ?

i agree with gerard,
if what jung said with ref to things unconscious has relevence to your own life and inner journey,this is what is important,not what someone else says,
especially from someone who had an intense dislike for jung's ideas in the first place,

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