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hello all,
this is my first time posting, but i am having some trouble with a dream that i had last night.

I had a dream that a spirit was following me around, not a good spirit either. He would contstntly take things from me, but he never hurt me. But at one point i came home and the spirit which no one could see took my 4 yr old son and had him up on the ceiling and my son was screaming for me to help but i couldn't.
i feel very strongly that it means something, i am just not sure what, so if anyone could help me out, i would appreciate it very much.

thank you,

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Re: spirits

Just to start off by saying that it’s very difficult to provide a personally accurate dream interpretation without knowing a good deal of background information about the dreamer. This is needed to help provide what’s known as the “context” of a dream because any given dream is responding specifically in some way to the personal situation of the dreamer. Recent events in the dreamer’s life are also good to know, and most important are all the feelings, thoughts and memories that the dreamer has about each image in the dream.

So lacking this information, what follows can be only some general thoughts on your dream that may or may not seem relevant to you.

Generally an annoying spirit or ghost can tend to represent an aspect of the dreamer’s overall personality that for some reason may have been ignored and not developed enough as yet. Just as outer people can take offence at being ignored, an inner figure can also act in a similar way as appears to be the case here. This situation can appear in symptoms such as ongoing boredom, extreme listlessness, frequent irritability, headaches, or any number of similar annoying “presences” that can spoil your day.

The fact that the spirit is male likely connects it with your “inner man”, also called the “Animus” (men have an equivalent inner female figure called the Anima). He also attacks your son, another male figure, perhaps implying again the idea of some danger to the growth in understanding of your so-called “masculine” side.

The “airy” height of the ceiling also suggests “masculine” related ideas of “air” and being “high up”, that is, images often related to the intellect and thinking. The spirit also “takes command” by stealing things from you and also by manhandling your son, images that perhaps contain the idea of power and assertiveness overall. His invisibility may symbolize that you may be too unconscious of his influence over you.

Based on these ideas, and taking into account your young age, it’s possible that a common situation among young mothers may have tended to affect you, that is, during the normal turmoil of raising your child, some basic irritating realizations have been put outside your daily consciousness. These would generally include the fact that your own life and certain aspirations that you might have are now on hold in general. This can be painful, especially if there are some traditional ideas involved also saying that “a child comes first, a mother must give up her own wishes” etc. etc.

In this scenario, not letting in these thoughts and realizations at all ignores their validity and they “get mad” at being shut out. Similarly, you may sometimes feel irritated by some of your son’s behavior but instead of expressing this in a reasonable way, the thought might intrude such as “A mother should never berate her child” or some similar idea, but again this denies a natural reaction.

You can look up some attributes of the Animus on this site. Also, Marion Woodman has written extensively on this inner figure and you could get a taste of her overall approach in a collection of interviews with her called “Conscious Femininity”. There are also articles etc. available at mwoodman.org that could help you decide if her approach is worth exploring further in your own personal situation.

As mentioned, the above are just some general ideas that may not fit your actual circumstances at all, but I hope that at least one or two of them will be of some help in understanding your dream.

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