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deceased father enclosed in iron bars

In this dream i see my father (who has been dead for 26 years) laying on a hospital bed asleep - but it was inside a house, not the hospital. My mother, who is alive, was walking to another room changing her earrings. I then asked her what was going on. When I turned around to look at my father again, his bed was surrounded by bars all the way up to the ceiling, encarcerating him and there was plexiglass on the headboard. He stood up and was really angry when he saw the bars. I keep yelling to my mother "what's going on why are you doing this? My mother looked as she was getting ready to leave permanently. My mother replied "there's nothing i can do, it's gonna get worse". My father extended his hands outside the bars and tried to strangle a friend of the family who was sitting on the edge of another bed. The man said to my father "I have nothing to do with this, leave me out of it". My father backed off, turned around and leaned against the bars with his arms crossed thinking of how he was going to get out. After a bit he started to push with his hands around the edges of the plexiglass. When he got over to the right hand side, the glass buckled as if he had found a place where he could get out from - but then i woke up.

I'm a 50 year old female and my father died at 46 from lung cancer 26 years ago. The family friend in the dream dated my mother last year but it didn't last.

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Re: deceased father enclosed in iron bars

Hi Gina

This dream likely has multiple meanings / possible interpretations - a bit like a tree's branches ,,, and I think some considerable work and honesty to yourself will be necessary to really get into the different meanings.

In broad terms, one branch of meaning relates to how things were in your family, your upbringing etc. - this may relate to your father being underspoken; and the other relates to how things are within you - within you psyche.

Perhaps I can offer some starting point for your reflections:-

"it's going to get worse" ,,, do you think this is a threat by the feminine or a prediction that if nothing is done to free 'your father' (the masculine beliefs you hold) that things will get worse? Look to the tone or feeling of the voice.

In this dream there is an imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies ,,, and that suggests in your life, in you ?? The masculine is locked up ,,, is he really sick ?

Your mother (aspects of the feminine that you learned form you mother?) leaves - Is it that there is nothing for her (the Female energy ,,, your female side) for her to do ? or nothing that she (your female energy) can do ,,, because the action needs to be taken by the masculine. If the masculine cannot express itself it is bound to get angry; if the creativity is expressed it will try to get out somewhere / some way.

The plexiglass ,, reminds me of the 'glass ceiling' - do you find yourself in such a situation ,, that you are trying / struggling to find a way around ,,, through your (self-) expression perhaps ??

All the best

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