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Lost in a spook house

I had a dream I was moving into a house which was behind a resturant. When my family and I went into the house we thought it would be real small and it was, when we first walked in! Once we walked further into the house there were steps to go down and another living room with 4 more bedrooms! THe only thing about the house is we could not get back up the stairs. The clock on the wall was in between 2 very spooky women who moved every ten minutes. We were not able to eat, we were not able to shower, or even really talk. My kids were seperated by us adults (my fiance and I). We all slept in seperate bedrooms. But when we awoke we would be a family again. Our goal was to find a way out of the house asap. ONce we found a way out we, for some reason, gathered all of our belongings and ran out of the house, before we left we had to look into the secret passage way at a young girl who sang a song to us. We were dazed and when she was done we ran out of the house. As we were leaving the house another family was walking in to view the house, we yelled at them to stop but once they walked in they were stuck the same way we were.

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Re: Lost in a spook house

A brief observation about your dream and a few questions that may help get to its intent. You talk about your children in the dream and their separation by the adults. Those adults were you and your fiance. Could the new house be the one that is being created by your impending marriage? Is the house you are trying to find a way out of your past marriage? The house you are moving into {in your dream} is behind a restaurant {often symbolizing a need for emotional nourishment}. Is that partly the reason for remarrying? Is there something about the relationship where you fear you are getting into something you will not be able to get out of {could not get back up the stairs}? Or is that a part of the other marriage? The two spooky women may be referring to aspects of your psyche, representing possibilities in the relationship that may worry you {perhaps you are thinking of this all the time, or at least every ten minutes or so}. And how do your kids feel about the new relationship? Is there a separation between you and them over it? Or perhaps that also involved your past husband. Sleeping in separate rooms may suggest you are not on the same page as your children is some aspect of these relationships.
Is your goal to find a way out of some part of your life {marriage to your finance being your outlet}?

The part about the young girl singing in the secret passage way may be alluding to dreams unfulfilled {you as a young girl}. And the 'other' family that was viewing the house, this could be your new family to be {your new marriage}.

Does any of the above strike a cord?


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