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It would be so helpful if you guys could tell me about this one. It was just so emotional I feel that it is very important. Thanks!
This dream has kind of a black and white motif. Mostly black.
I was accepted as the one of the few humans to a space school- high tech and metal, cold, professional. The teacher dressed in black and white and looked like my father. And as the only human I felt i had to be careful of my reputation. I was doing pretty well until I decided to buy a pet rat (I grew up with these and felt very excited to get one). But they were having a sale and so i ended up with lots and lots of rats- all black and white, some entirely black. There was one intelligent farret or monkey animal that they accidentally gave me along with all the rats and we became very close friends. But when I brought the rats home the dogs began trying to attack them (I have at home 2 golden retrievers) and a snake I used to own was also trying to eat them. I had to get them into a bigger cage before they starved to death or suffocated. The intelligent animal helped me disract the dog (the snake wasn't really a big problem since it's so...legless). And I furiously tried to get these rats into the bigger cage without hurting them as suddenly i realized that there were many fragile babies. Then I woke up.
I'm in college right now and am experiencing a lot of life changes, lifestyle changes. During these changes I do feel like I have blown off a lot of my responsibilities, and I have. However I have discovered many hidden talkents and my friends and family love that i am finally comming into my own. I think this dream is very revealing, but as I am the dreamer, I do not know what to think of it. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

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Re: Rats!

You describe in your dream the space school as being high tech and metal, cold, professional. Then the next sentence the teacher looks like your father. Is there some relationship to the cold, professional aspect of your present life to that of your father? Perhaps for him life is black and white while you see it as more diverse and complex.

The pet rat may be your favorite subject or possible profession. But there may be other opportunities or choices available to you that are confusing, opportunities that are not really in line with what you desire as a profession { ended up with lots and lots of rats}. The intelligent monkey animal or ferret may represent that thing you truly enjoy, the intelligent choice for you. The dogs may represent either the confusing choices or perhaps a person {your dad} who are 'attacking' some of your choices. You may have already expanded your horizons {bigger cage} and since doing so there are new possibilities that need nurturing {fragile babies}.

In your summary you say you have discovered your hidden talents. These talents may be the favorite rat in your dream. If you follow up on these talents {what Joseph Campbell calls, 'following your bliss'} you have a better chance of realizing these expanding horizons. I get the impression this may be opposite what your father's expectations may be but it is what provides excitement and joy for you.


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