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I have re-occuring dreams of returning to a house where I lived where there was alot of conflict. There are always alot of baby snakes in the back yard to where I can't take a step without stepping on them.
The snakes all have markings of rings around them. They don't strike, they try to get out of the way as I am walking. I have not lived in this house for 5 years. Anxious for comments.

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Re: Snakes

Hi Elaine,

Usually a dream interpretation is much more accurate when a fair amount of background information is available about the dreamer, but in general it’s likely that the house in your dream tends to symbolize a sort of fixed group of upsetting thoughts and feelings that surround the apparent conflict that occurred in the outer house and which tend to pop up unannounced and unwanted when certain types of events trigger them once more.

In this approach to your dream, the baby snakes could represent these strong emotions, perhaps related mostly to fear and general distress, that keep cropping up no matter how you’ve tried to put aside what happened in the outer house. Being in the back yard suggests that these emotions do tend to be “kept out back” and are mostly unconscious, perhaps not having been dealt with enough so far.

But in your dream they are baby snakes, don’t strike, and actually try to get out of the way. This might suggest that some new approach is possible (being “babies”) and another idea in the image could be the need to take care not to squish these fears and other emotions but to look at them again, perhaps with the help of a trusted friend or counselor.

The rings around the snakes could be related to the symbolism of the ring in general, that is, a sort of emblem of your complete personality from which nothing should be excluded if at all possible. That way you are more complete as a person no matter how painful some aspects of life are, and hopefully a feeling of overall self acceptance and contentment can emerge.

In this take on your dream, the fact that it is reoccurring suggests it would likely be best to face what happened in the outer house and it’s usually better to do so with some help along the way.

Checking out the dream dictionary on this site regarding snakes, rings etc. as well as browsing through the various other information present should also give you some valuable ideas

Anyway this is just a very brief look at one possible meaning of your dream. If you mull over this approach and the dream stops reoccurring in its current form, especially if you’ve sketched in some ideas on how to look more closely at the emotional debris caused by the events that took place in the outer house, this would tend to indicate that the basic message of your dream has been hit upon correctly. Otherwise, some other fundamental meaning is likely involved and you’d have to keep digging. But if this happens don’t give up because dreams can be a very valuable resource in helping an individual cope with the various stresses and questions that arise from day to day living.

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Re: Snakes


This recurring dream may be trying to tell you that you do need to revisit events associated with the house or the people associated with the house.
Was this related to someone you were married to?

your comments ?

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