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Rage at a school

Walking my girl in a school building to meet with some of her alumni. Strange since she never went to school. Walk into a room with rows of desks and women. Tell her I'll wait in the hall for her. I'm in the hall and I look to the right and see a pallet on a paller jack full of different kinds of liquor. I walk over and decide to help myself. Two men in black of a larger stature walk over to me. They start drinking and we are having a good time and laughing. I don't know what they say but I suddenly become totally pissed and enraged. I realize their smiles have ill intentions. I look at the fifth of whiskey in my hand and spin it in my hand and bash the bottom of it off. I twist and grab the one closest to me and stab him 3 or 4 times in the stomach then once in the throat and with the remainder of glass that wasn't broke off already I grab the top of his head and ram the glass into the bottom of his jaw. I throw him to the side. His partner tells and comes towards me. I grab both his ears like handles and pull him towards me. Then I bite his entire nose off and blood sprays everywhere as I spit it back at him. Then I was worred about the cops. Ran to get my girl and woke up when I left the building.

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Re: Rage at a school


Dream characters often portray aspects and traits of the dreamer. Dreams often reflect back waking experiences although in a different perspective than the waking, or conscious, mind. This would be a view of waking experience without the ego/persona influences. Ego/persona is the learned aspect of personality, conditioning from birth by family, friends, society...to fit in. Jung refers to the ego/persona as a mask. Because it does not represent or function as you truly are, the inner Self, but is comprised of and responsive to external conditioning.

As always, dream interpretation is not exact. dream symbols hold several meanings, including personal associations. The following interpretation may or may not be close. Only you will know.

The dream title could point to the trait being rage, an extreme and uncontrolled form of anger. The dream itself could describe a new view or perspective ready to or is coming to consciousness. The view could be of a more feminine perspective or that of your gf which you are now internalizing.

The negative aspect of allowing anger to become rage could be due to lack of control. Of which the unconscious driver could be inhibition or guilt left from a long past life experience. Right normally indicates masculine, looking right could point to a negagive masculine influence in your early life.

The two men in black with ill intent could symbolize the Shadow (read about The Shadow to the left), and not owning the trait, (alien as a reference to the movie Men in Black).

This Shadow aspect engages in or thinks about senseless violence perhaps when threatened as a defensive response even moreso when indulging in liquor (here liquor could be literal and symbolic). Stabbing the abdomen may represent intolerable and stabbing the jaw an inability to discuss this issue, and perhaps? the traumatic experience that now leads to uncontrolled rage. Senseless could be the feminine aspect view. Note in the dream four symbols correlating to sense and sense organs (mouth/jaw, brain/top of head, nose and ears), and that this is the target of violence in the dream.

Dream endings often offer clues to positive resolution of external and inner conflict. 'worried about the cops' could show external conflict, like this being a source of conflict with your gf and eventually the legal authorities, and internal conflict as the inner authority. Your inner authority may think the time is right to bring this to consciuos attention for positive resolution. That being shown by learning to integrate and rely upon a feminine trait to bring balance.

Again, could be close or not at all. Look to the days prior to your dream for clues to meaning. And look for the Aha! feeling. Dreamers always have the meaning, it's just unrecognized until the lanquage of symbols becomes clearer Sometimes it helps to get outside perspective or possible context.

Please respond with your thoughts on the dream and interpretation. This is a learning Forum. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Re: Rage at a school

Thanks Kathy. I've had a little time off the past couple of days but the number of posts began to overwhelm me. Good to have all the visitors but hard to get them all covered.


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