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throwing up broken shards of glass

I feel great about this particular dream but need some clarity. I can't remember exactly how it began but I was being chased by an Asian man, who finally cornered me, saying, "Ah, the ancient ones usually come in a weak female form. You are a force to be reckoned with." He then grabbed my jaw, which forced most of my teeth to come loose. I broke free from his grip and began to spit out my teeth. Then, I began heaving, and long, broken shards of glass came from my stomach and out of my mouth. I didn't realize they were in my system, but regurgitating them was such a physical relief. Then, a storm (not of rain but of more broken glass and other debris) fell from the sky. I ingested a little, but was able to rid myself of them as well. Then, I had the insight that if I were really still, I could avoid the storm altogether. I paused, assumed the lotus position, and began to meditate. Sure enough, I was protected from the storm. As it stopped, I woke up from the dream and had this amazing sense of relief. I was able to breathe very deeply and had a tingly feeling in my solar plexus where the glass was coming from in the dream. I was so overcome with emotion, it felt as though I had a profound spiritual experience in my sleep. Can anyone help me decipher the full meaning of it all??? Thanks in advance...

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Re: throwing up broken shards of glass

Del Ray,
The man chasing you is most likely a shadow aspect that is needing to be realized and confronted. The man being Asian may be due to influences of studying Eastern principles {you state in the dream the lotus position and meditation}. But it also may indicate the aspect that is chasing you is 'ancient', a condition that you have possessed for a long period of time.

The weak female form may have significance in that you have been unable or unwilling to confront this aspect about yourself {the inability would be a feminine aspect}. This force that needs to be reckoned with would an emotional force.

Losing your teeth may indicate identity issues. The jaw is used for communication {here it would represent communication between your unconscious and conscious mind}. But it also can represent the state of your inner being, that having to do with the shadow aspect that is chasing you.

Breaking free is realizing this aspect about yourself. You are finally coming to terms with it {spitting out teeth}. What was once oblique is now becoming transparent/visible {glass} and your are regurgitating these aspects that have been chasing you, finally being able to get them out of your system.

Being still, the lotus position may indicate changes in your life have brought about new insights about yourself. The inner spiritual experience in your dream may be an indication you need to rely more on these aspects in your waking life. The storms {emotions} that come up can be controlled by willful meditation {disciplined actions in your waking life}.

The shadow aspect often is about deeper emotional issues that you have experienced in your life. And that is probably part of the dream message. But it also may be addressing the total psyche, the depths of who you are and how you have faced challenges in your life. Now you have new tools to counter these negative aspects. You are probably entering a new phase in life and perhaps spirituality is an aspect you need to incorporate into your waking life. You may have already started on this path but the dream seems to indicate you need to put more effort into. Eastern philosophies are as much psychological as they are religious. The lotus position is a natural aspect of controlling emotional 'storms' and meditation is known to help get through the emotional conflicts, whether it be deeper issues or every day conflicts.

What in recent days prior to the dream have you experienced that seems to have awakened the inner self? You are at that beginning stage of mid-life and the dream may be a call to focus on that inner self. By doing so you are better able to confront real life issues. There may be deeper issues from earlier life that need to be explored. But the dream seems to indicate you have these emotional issues under control, at least for the time being.

Your thoughts may help us further understand the dream.


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