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I've been asking this girl at school to hang out, go to the movies etc. Nothing works. In school I talked to her, and she said she's not intrested in a relationship.

So, I had a dream I went to school and some girl I've never seen before followed me during a bell change to my class. Then she asked me if I was intrested in going to the movies or something. She was in a really exciting mood.

I do have an intrest in another girl. What does this mean?


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Re: Relationship

Although Sigmund Freud is now taking a back seat to Jungian dream approach, two things he expounded do have merit in certain instances of dream interpretation. One we are all familiar with is the 'sexual' aspects. The other is wish fulfillment. Your dream seems to fit the later.

Because you have this burning desire to meet a girl but have had no luck with the one girl, your dreams focus that wishful desire. The girl in your dream is what you wish for, balancing out what has yet to happen. Dreams help sort through the emotional issues we encounter in our daily lives. In society there is the 'marriage' of two people, joining together into one, a balance of yin and yang. If that is lacking in real life the dream can, and will through wish fulfillment, provide that balance of yin and yang, within your psyche. What is lacking on the outside is balanced on the inside. At least temporarily. Eventually the outside will have to catch up with inner desires or calamity occurs. Or you have to lower your expectations which could even be worse.

What to do? The other girl you have an interest in. Follow up on that. And if that doesn't succeed try, try again. But in the process of fulfilling your desires do not let the mind stray away from finding that perfect match {or as perfect as it can get}. All too often young people jump on the first wagon and find out later it is going in the wrong direction. I was guilty of that when I was young, married and soon divorced. Trying to fulfill a desire can be challenging when you have to weight the compatibility of one who must fill that role.

In a deeper since what you are probably trying to do is balance your own psyche, giving equal opportunity to the masculine/ feminine qualities we all possess. But that is something else entirely and should be left for another time.


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