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concrete hands

I dreamed I was watching this woman wind the wires for a pair of headphones on a small reel, and I was amazed at the delicacy and care she took with them. Later we were sitting at this table and there was a large field of dark green vegetation off to the left, and she was telling me that Jo was depressed because they couldn't have children. I was confused because it seemed she was talking about her sister but that wasn't her sister's name. I stood up and leaned toward her telling her that I only wanted her to be happy and then we were sitting there rubbing hands in a very comforting way. The next thing I knew she'd moved away from me but I still held her hands in mine but they had silk gloves on and had turned to concrete. It was kind of freaky but I wasn't afraid, I just remember sitting there thinking I was grateful for the time we'd just spent. She then said to some other person that she was testing me to see if I'd be satisfied with what was given rather than asking for more, and then she was back and we were trying to fit the concrete hands back to her wrists so that they could regenerate.

Man, what a concept!! Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Re: concrete hands

If you would substitute the woman winding the wires {emotions} with yourself, then perhaps the dream will begin to take on a clearer meaning. Also substitute the other women in your dream with yourself and see if and where that may fit {her sister but that wasn't her sister's name}.
Hands are often symbolic of abilities. Regeneration may be what is required for you to use those abilities to address those emotional issues that you are currently experiencing. What was once delicate and care has turned to concrete {these could be your emotions}. The part about the depression is probably describing yourself. Have you felt depressed recently? Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can advance our knowledge as to what your dream is trying to communicate.


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