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I dreamt I was in a house similar to the one i am in now, upstairs and downstairs. My husband was in the basement with our youngest daughter. He was making her a beautiful wooden bed frame it was very ornate.I was going around the house spraying flies with raid these flies seemed to be everywhere. (kinda like Amityville Horor)I was upstairs and i heard my little girl screaming this awful scream.I ran downstairs but I wasn't able to move very fast. There was a barrel type hot tub in the basement. I remember the water was very black and slimy looking. When i finally did get down there I saw my little girl being pulled under the water by something. I dove in and that is when I woke up.

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Re: nightmare

The first thing that must be determined is whether the dream is addressing aspects of your current family, husband and daughter, or if it is addressing you as a child. I offer this possibility because of the house you are in {in the dream}. Because there is a similarity between two houses may suggest the possibility that the conditions of your childhood home, and the experiences during that time, are similar to the home you have with your current family. Are the two very much the same?

Let's examine the possibility the dream is referencing your own childhood. Being pulled under the water suggests unconscious aspects, and since it is your little girl {you} being pulled under there may be experiences from your childhood that were frightening. The water is black and slimy suggesting there may have been something you felt as being 'slimy' during that stage of life. And since the two houses are similar there may be experiences occurring now that remind you of your childhood home.

Look at that possibility and let me know your thoughts. If that does not fit then we will need to look at the current relationship between the members of your present day family.


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